INDUCTION QUIZ 5 - Safeguarding


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For each of the questions below - choose the one correct, or most appropriate answer.

1. Is Safeguarding ?

a. A collection of actions that we ALL should apply, to prevent anyone being abused or harmed
b. Recognising that we treat everyone with equality
c. Something small companies do, on occassion
d. An internet shopping website

2. Our handbook contains information regarding Safeguarding, and is available for download ?

a. Yes it is on Open Door ALC website,
b. Not sure where to find it
c. Not that I remember
d. Definitely not

3. Do you know how to complain about an Safeguarding issue ?

a. Yes, but it might costs me money
b. Yes, to the designated person, or staff at the training provider
c. Not sure
d. I wouldn't know where to start

4. I know where the Safeguarding policy is ?

a. Yes, it is prominently displayed
b. I think it is on the notice board
c. I don't know where it is
d. Someone has told me it is "in the office"

5. Safeguarding ?

a. Is not in the dictionary
b. Celebrates that we ALL agree NOT to tolerate any inappropriate behaviour
c. Is a "technical term" used by big businesses
d. Means only certain people with lots of qualifications can use our facilities

6. Was Safeguarding discussed at your induction ?

a. Yes
b. Not that I remember
c. Not sure
d. What was my induction ?


7. Safeguarding is making sure that anyone can be a "whistleblower" ?

a. No
b. I don't think so
c. What is one of those ?
d. Only when it is convenient
e. Yes, always

8. Safeguarding is about setting ground rules for staff, and for learners ?

a. What more rules
b. I'm guessing that it is something like that
c. Definitely
d. Not too sure




Now PLEASE print this page, to have the answers marked - just for fun !!